Associate of Applied Science In Advanced Leadership

The Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Leadership consists of 63 semester hours of courses designed to provide instructional and experiential leadership development that will produce graduates with outstanding leadership characteristics and men and women of integrity. Furthermore, the goal of the Advanced Leadership degree is to produce leaders of honor, sanctified and useful to the Master, prepared and ready for every good work.
Upon satisfactory completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Leadership, the graduate should:
  1. Be able to mentor and guide people in spiritual and leadership development.
  2. Impact worship and ministry opportunities by possessing, recognizing and being sensitive to the anointing and flow of the Spirit of God.
  3. Possess the advanced knowledge and training necessary to provide leadership within the framework of the local church and outside the church.
  4. Understand the biblical concept of authority and the ministry of helps which will enable the student to effectively work within a pastoral staff.
  5. Have the skills to administrate a local church/ministry situation using various means so that people will grow in Christ.
  6. Further develop their skills of communication in various areas in order to effectively minister in various settings using the five-fold ministry gifting.

Program Requirements for A.A.S. In Advanced Leadership

Total Required Courses = 63 Credit Hours

General Education Requirements
  English Composition I  
  English Composition II  
  Success in College  
  Foundation in Communication (Course options available)  
  Social Science (Course options available)  
  Arts/Humanities/Literature (Course options available)  
  Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics  
  Environmental Science  
Bible and Theology (Choose any 4 courses)
  Old Testament  
  New Testament History  
  Bible Study Methods  
  Life of Christ  
  Theology I  
  Theology II  
Church Ministries (Choose any 2 courses)
  Introduction to Christian Leadership  
  Christian Ethics  
  Spiritual Formation  
  Marriage and Family  
  The Reformation  
  Church Administrative Management  
  Introduction to Preaching  
  Preaching Lab  
  Accounting I  
  Dynamics of Team Leadership  
  Theology of Leadership  
  People Development  
  Principles of Pastoral Leadership