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Valor Christian College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry with multiple concentrations, 13 Associate of Applied Science Degrees, and One Year Certificate Programs. Students gain valuable experience both in and out of the classroom. Whether you are interested in enrolling to prepare to enter ministry or you have a strong desire to delve deeper into God's call on your life ... we have a program for you!

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Next, you will need to get the following forms prepared:

  • Pastoral Recommendation
  • Personal Testimony/Biography Form
  • Sponsor Affidavit of Support
  • Spousal Letter of Support
  • Student Financial Certification

You will also need to request your Highschool and College transcripts using the forms on the forms page that's linked below, where you can find all the forms you need.


After you complete the forms you will need to email them to the admissions office at

Application Process Details

Applicants must provide all documentation and pay appropriate fees before being considered for admission. Fall applicants need to supply all the information listed below by August 1st. International students must complete all requisites for admission by July 30th or November 30th for Fall or Spring semesters, respectively.

All applicants must have the following on file in order to be considered for admission:
  • A completed application form, to include a non-refundable $50.00 application fee (US residents) $75 application fee (International students), and your personal testimony (see student writing sample below).
  • An official high school transcript or official copy of GED transcript (mailed directly from the school to Valor).
  • A Pastoral Recommendation form to be completed by the senior pastor. (In the event, the senior pastor is a close relative, an associate pastor or elder may complete the Pastoral Recommendation form.)
  • A letter of support from your spouse (if applicable).
  • A Medical Information form.
  • An official transcript from each college attended (if applicable).
  • Submit a sample of the student’s writing in essay form (which should be typed and consist of 300-500 words) including conversion experience, spiritual growth and involvement in Christian service.


VCC welcomes anyone who desires to pursue a Biblically-oriented, Christ centered, Spirit-filled education. In fulfilling this goal, any applicant who has received a high school diploma or its equivalent and who desires to pursue a Biblically-oriented, Christ centered, Spirit-filled education is welcome and eligible to apply for admission to VCC. However, VCC is a Private Christian College and reserves the right to deny acceptance to an applicant. VCC publishes admission guidelines and procedures for its various programs of study and services in its institutional catalog. This information is also made available on VCC’s website.

Notification of Acceptance

All applicants with a current address and email will receive an offer of admission letter and an offer of admission email. International Students will receive admission information from Valor Christian College Admissions and information as to the requirements that must be met for the I-20 Form from the Designated School Official. Admission to VCC does not guarantee admission to programs with additional requirements nor does it guarantee that an I-20 form will be granted to International Students. Please email information on programs that require an additional admission process.

Once admitted, a student must begin attending VCC during the semester for which the student has been offered admission. In the event a student is unable to attend during the semester for which the student has been offered admission, the student must send a letter to the admission department requesting that the student be allowed to begin in the following semester.

Students granted acceptance are assigned a permanent student identification number. The offer of admission to students with no registration activity is valid for no more than two (2) semesters (with an approved letter requesting a later start date). At that time, a Returning Student Application must be completed to update records and reactivate a student account.