Associate of Applied Science In Biblical Studies

The Associate of Applied Science in Biblical Studies consists of 63 semester hours of courses designed to focus on developing the skills to study and apply sound biblical principles. Upon satisfactory completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Biblical Studies, the graduate should:
  1. Have the skills to develop strong written and professional methods of ministering the word of God.
  2. Understand biblical principles as they relate to Christian life and experience.
  3. Understand sound theological principles to minister the word of God.
  4. Have the ability to evaluate theological positions from various perspectives.

82% of graduates reported that they are extremely confident or very confident in their understanding of biblical principles as they relate to Christian life and experiences.  (Biblical Studies Assessment)

Program Requirements for A.A.S. In Biblical Studies

Total Required Courses = 63 Credit Hours

General Education Requirements
  English Composition I  
  English Composition II  
  Success in College  
  Foundation in Communication (Course options available)  
  Social Science (Course options available)  
  Arts/Humanities/Literature (Course options available)  
  Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics  
  Environmental Science  
Theological Studies (Select 2 courses)
  Theology I  
  Theology II  
  Theology and Culture  
Church Ministries (Choose any 2 courses)
  Introduction to Christian Leadership  
  Christian Ethics  
  Spiritual Formation  
  Marriage and Family  
  The Reformation  
Biblical Studies
  Old Testament History  
  New Testament History  
  Major and Minor Prophets  
  Synoptic Gospels  
  The Gospel of John  
  Life of Christ  
  Pastoral Epistles  
  Bible Study Methods  
  The Reformation