Associate of Applied Science in Organizational Communication

The Associate of Applied Science in Organizational Communication and Certificate in Organizational Communication provides students with the biblical and practical tools to develop the strategy to develop strong communication skills as leaders and as future administrators in ministry. The learning outcomes of the Associate of Applied Science in Organizational Communication include the following:
  1. Learn the skills to develop strong written and professional oral and multimedia presentations.
  2. Develop skills to build relationships in team environments.
  3. Develop the art of communication for ministry across multiple cultural settings.
  4. Develop effective communication strategies for use by leaders for various audiences.

Program Requirements for A.A.S. In Organizational Communication

Total Required Courses = 63 Credit Hours

General Education Requirements
  English Composition I  
  English Composition II  
  Success in College  
  Foundation in Communication (Course options available)  
  Social Science (Course options available)  
  Arts/Humanities/Literature (Course options available)  
  Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics  
  Environmental Science  
Bible and Theology (Choose any 4 courses)
  Old Testament  
  New Testament History  
  Bible Study Methods  
  Life of Christ  
  Theology I  
  Theology II  
Church Ministries (Choose any 2 courses)
  Introduction to Christian Leadership  
  Christian Ethics  
  Spiritual Formation  
Organizational Communication
  Introduction to Communication  
  Introduction to Business Communication  
  Advanced Speech and Presentation  
  Business Communication Tactics  
  Introduction to Media and Journalism  
  Communicating Scripture  
  Business Communication Strategies  
  People Development  
  Intercultural Communication