Associate of Applied Science in Pastoral Leadership

The Associate of Applied Science in Pastoral Leadership consists of 63 semester hours of courses designed to prepare students for pastoral ministry and ministry-related vocations. The student also gains a general Bible knowledge, theology, pastoral theology, and communication skills. Upon the completion of the program, students should be equipped to engage in the ministry of the local church either as a full-time minister or as a part-time staff member.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Pastoral Leadership, the graduate should have:
  1. An understanding of the fundamental doctrines and theology that pertain to the Pentecostal and evangelical tenets.
  2. Knowledge and experience in the various aspects of pastoral care-giving and how it relates to church growth.
  3. An ability to effectively communicate the gospel and other biblical truths in large and small group settings.
  4. Knowledge of spiritual leadership principles, roles, and experience in their application.
  5. An understanding of church administrative procedures as they pertain to a local church.

86% of graduates have reported that they are extremely confident or very confident in their ability to demonstrate familiarity with the functions of pastoral ministry (e.g. worship, preaching, evangelism, discipleship, administration and leadership). (Pastoral Leadership Assessment)

Program Requirements for A.A.S. In Pastoral Leadership

Total Required Courses = 63 Credit Hours

General Education Requirements
  English Composition I  
  English Composition II  
  Success in College  
  Foundation in Communication (Course options available)  
  Social Science (Course options available)  
  Arts/Humanities/Literature (Course options available)  
  Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics  
  Environmental Science  
Bible and Theology (Choose any 4 courses)
  Old Testament  
  New Testament History  
  Bible Study Methods  
  Life of Christ  
  Theology I  
  Theology II  
Church Ministries (Choose any 3 courses)
  Introduction to Christian Leadership  
  Christian Ethics  
  Spiritual Formation  
  Marriage and Family  
  The Reformation  
Pastoral Leadership
  Introduction of Christian Education  
  Introduction to Preaching  
  Preaching Lab  
  Introduction to Evangelism  
  Principles of Pastoral Leadership  
  Intro to Music in Ministry  
  Pastoral Care