Certificate in Pastoral Studies

Upon satisfactory completion of the Diploma in Pastoral Studies, the student should:
  1. Have a sound comprehension of the scope of the five-fold ministry.
  2. Understand the vital role of the ministry of helps as an assistant to the five-fold office gifts.
  3. Be introduced to the foundational doctrines of the Bible.
  4. Understand the Biblical concept of authority.
  5. Possess a solid foundation of Biblical and theological course work with which to continue an education in the area of concentration studied at Valor Christian College.

Program Requirements For Certificate in Pastoral Studies

General Education
  English Composition I  
  Foundation in Communication (Course options available)  
  Social Science (Course options available)  
Bible and Theology (Choose any 3 courses)
  Old Testament  
  New Testament History  
  Bible Study Methods  
  Life of Christ  
  Theology I  
  Theology II  
Church Ministries (Choose any 2 courses)
  Introduction to Christian Leadership  
  Christian Ethics  
  Spiritual Formation  
Pastoral Studies
  Introduction to Evangelism  
  Principles of Pastoral Leadership