Valor Christian College - Instructor of Environmental Science

Valor Christian College, The School of the Spirit, with a campus in Central Ohio, at World Harvest Church, has exciting opportunities for committed, diligent Christians that desire to use their gifts and talents to impact the world. Valor Christian College was founded by statesman, humanitarian, and New York Times bestselling author, Pastor Rod Parsley. This ministry, with its world-wide platform, is affecting every strata of society spiritually, educationally, economically, and culturally through various students who leave prepared for real-life ministry and application of the anointing of God on their lives.

Position Summary:
Works with staff, faculty, and students to provide a warm, friendly, nurturing atmosphere, where students can learn the skills required, to obtain the career they need, to have the lives they want. Classroom Instruction. Conducts classroom and lab activities according to program requirements to ensure that students acquire the personal, interaction, and professional/vocational skills to be effective in the career they have chosen to pursue. Student Relations. Serves as a mentor develops and maintains positive and professional relationships with students in order to monitor and resolve students’ concerns. Campus and Community Involvement. Participates in activities and meetings in order to stay informed of current private and political events that will foster professional growth. Title IV Compliance. Tracks and monitors student attendance and other student information to ensure that the College remains in compliance with Company policies, Title IV, and other regulatory agency requirements.

The following job requirements represent minimum levels of education, experience, and competencies/abilities needed to perform this job successfully:
  • Education: Environmental Science Instructor - Master's Degree or higher required, with 18 hours in a Natural Science
  • Experience: Must have a minimum of four years in the field

Competencies: Incumbent must (be) able to:
  • Project a professional image and provide outstanding customer service
  • Keep commitments, meet deadlines, and achieve demanding results
  • Organize and execute around multiple priorities
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Speak effectively to both large and small groups of people
  • Prepare and conduct effective presentations
  • Demonstrate excellent listening skills
  • Cooperate and collaborate as a member of a team
  • Excellent leadership and motivational skills
  • Strong training skills
  • High ethical standards
  • Use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to prepare and maintain records, correspondence, reports, and other data

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